Here's what you need to know about our service:

The reviews we post for you are always 5-star reviews.

These reviews come from real Google accounts with distinct histories and are published organically. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we use a unique IP address for each comment. ⚠️ Google can penalize you without this IP variation. Be cautious of service providers who don’t offer this!

With SuperPacks of 15 and 35 reviews, we will ‘like’ your last 50 positive 4 and 5-star reviews. This practice lends credibility to your previous reviews and enhances your search engine ranking. We will also flag 1 and 2-star reviews to Google. While flagging won’t necessarily erase them, it does lessen their influence on your ranking.

Posting Reviews:

As recommended, it’s best to input your reviews in the above box to maintain control over the narrative. If you order 5 reviews, you’re welcome to submit 5 review texts. If not, our competent team will handle it for you.

Delivery of Reviews:

For single review purchases, we ensure delivery within 24 hours. For orders of 3 reviews and more, we allow a 72-hour delivery window to maintain a natural growth impression. For the pack of 20 reviews and more, the delivery timeline ranges from 7 to 14 days, always respecting the critical principle of IP change with each pack. This approach guarantees that your ranking will not suffer any adverse effects, but will instead receive an SEO enhancement.

Key Features of Our Review Service

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